Rt. Hon. Dekor Supports Educational Advancement In Khana/Gokana Federal Constituency

...Disburses Educational Grants To 188 Undergraduates, 32 Postgraduate Students, …As Beeri Ultramodern Town Hall Facilitated By Rt. Hon. Dekor, Inaugurated

The member representing Khana/Gokana Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Dumnamene Robinson Dekor, has reaffirmed his commitment to advancing education for his constituents.

Speaking at the commissioning and handover ceremony of the Beeri Ultramodern Town Hall (named after Dr. G. B. Leton) in Beere, Khana Local Government area on Saturday, Rt. Hon. Dekor emphasized the importance of education, citing his family’s background in the education sector and the challenges faced by students in accessing funding.

Rt Hon Dekor who disbursed educational grants to 188 undergraduates and 32 postgraduates at the event, expressed his dedication to nurturing the younger generation by providing support for their educational endeavors.

“Well, I was privileged to be born in a family where my late father was a headmaster, my mother is a retired headmistress. And so we took education very seriously.

“And we know the challenges that came with education in terms of funding and all of that, and we don’t have as much as that would be enough for their scholarship.

So, we chose to do a grant which is to make them understand that we appreciate them and that the way they are going is exactly the way we want it.

“We need to groom them when they are young, we need to sow a seed in their lives and that’s exactly what we are trying to do in memory of our dear late father, and that’s exactly what we are trying to do.

“This is part of what the people had requested while we were campaigning. We’ve had to deliver it, just like we have been delivering many orders, but this one is a bit celebrated today because of the second leg of the program, which is that of our interaction with the students.

“So it is that one that has made us to come out. The people are seeing this one. We have a whole lot of projects all over the place”, he said.

Dum Dekor, who is the Chairman, House Committee on Host Communities, also announced plans to incentivize academic excellence by offering financial rewards to students from Biere community who achieve first-class honors.

He stressed that such initiatives aim to steer young people away from criminal activities, fostering a culture of excellence and positive development within the community.

The gesture was warmly received by attendees, with the Chairman of Khana Local Government Area, Dr. Thomas Bariere, commending Dum Dekor for his commitment to fulfilling campaign promises and uplifting the community through tangible projects.

“Rt. Hon. Dumnamane Robinson Dekor is one politician that is down to earth. He feels and cares about his people and today we are privileged to be asked and tasked to do this assignment of commissioning and unveiling the newly built Dr. G.B. Leton Memorial Hall for Beeri.

“So we join the good people of Beeri and of course the entire people of Khana/Gokana Federal Constituency to thank the Rt. Hon. Dumnamene Robinson Dekor for keeping his campaign promise.

It is our prayer that this facility will be optimally utilized for the betterment of our people”.

Beneficiaries of the educational grants expressed gratitude for the support, highlighting how the financial assistance would alleviate their academic burdens and enable them to pursue their studies without financial constraints.

Meanwhile, the Beeri Ultramodern Town Hall facilitated by Rt. Hon. Dumnamene Robinson Dekor was on Saturday, March 30, 2024 inaugurated and handed over to the good people of Beeri community for use.

The untramodern Town Hall, named after Dr. Garrick B. Leton was  commissioned by the Executive Chairman, Khana Local Government Area, Dr. Thomas Bariere.

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