HYPREP Breaks Barriers, Launches Ogoni Cabin Crew Into Aviation Industry

In keeping with it’s commitment to improve the wellbeing of Ogoni people through human capacity development, the Hydrocarbon Pollution Remediation Project (HYPREP) has successfully trained and launched 13 Ogoni cabin crew members into the aviation industry.

At a ceremony, held in Wiyakara, Khana Local Government Area, on Friday, the launch culminated to an open contest, with five winners securing immediate employment opportunities with Dana Airline and Nigeria Airline respectively.

Under the watchful eyes of esteemed judges from the aviation sector, candidates faced a rigorous evaluation, addressing scenarios ranging from handling emergencies to ensuring passenger comfort.

The contestants were required to introduce themselves in crisp, flawless english, and why they ventured into the profession.

While some shone with eloquence and confidence, others grappled with stage nerves.

Miracle Burabari, Grace Wealth, Constance Onyeoma, and Donane Badom emerged victorious, exemplifying the professionalism and dedication expected of cabin crew members.

In his address at the occasion, Project Coordinator of HYPREP, Professor Senibarini Zabbey emphasized the initiative’s alignment with community empowerment and skills development, underscoring the importance of restoring traditional livelihoods.

He said the recruitment exercise was conducted in partnership with Crew Training Institute and Dana Air and signifies a crucial step in creating alternative livelihoods for the Ogoni people.

Prof Zabbey urged the candidates to exhibit professionalism, empathy, and resilience in their job as these qualities are essential for cabin crew members who serve as ambassadors of hospitality, representing both the airline and the warmth of the Ogoni people.

Earlier in her opening remarks, the CEO of Cabin Training Institute, Katherine Tsaro Lademo, highlighted the significance of inclusivity in the aviation sector, expressing her commitment to furthering opportunities for Ogoni representation.

Having worked in the aviation industry for fifteen years, Lademo noticed a glaring absence of Ogoni representation, prompting her to take action.

Initiating discussions with HYPREP in 2021, she said her efforts have borne fruit, with ongoing plans to train more candidates from Ogoni land.

In a captivating goodwill message by, HM, king (Dr) Suanu T. Y. Baridam, Jp, Gbenemene of Ancient Bangha kingdom and Kasimene Bangha VIII,

Chairman, Khana Area Council of Traditional Rulers King, the monarch lauded HYPREP’s initiative as a commendable gesture towards youth empowerment and community development.

He encouraged diversifying airline partnerships to broaden horizons for Ogoni youth.

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