Rivers Council Chairmen Get  Quit Notice As Exit Time Approaches

Recalcitrant Council Chairmen in Rivers state who have threatened not to leave office at the expiration of their three year tenure on the 17th of June have been warned of the repercussions should they refuse to peacefully leave office.

Speaking with newsmen over the weekend in Port Harcourt, a former Niger Delta agitator, General Gabriel Asabuja warned they should start preparing to quietly leave to avoid unpleasant circumstances.

General Asabuja was particularly angry at the audacity of the Ikwerre Council Chairman, Samuel Nwanosike who has been insulting his benefactors and other Rivers elders at the least opportunity including the state governor, Sir Siminalayi Fubara.

He assured that the governor will complete his 8 years in office like his predecessors whether the enemies like it or not, adding that Rivers people are comfortable with his visionary leadership and peaceful disposition. He used the opportunity to congratulate the governor on his successful one year anniversary.

On be the cause of the political crisis in the state the Niger Delta agitator said it is nothing but the greed of few self-seeking politicians.

“The root cause of the political crisis in the state is nothing other than the greed and selfishness of some known persons.  We can no longer tolerate the situation”.

He made it clear that the emergence of governor Fubara is a divine providence to liberate the state, adding that they are ready to safeguard the administration in the interest of peace and development of the state.

He urged the youths of Rivers state to mobilize support to flush out the outgoing Council Chairmen who have shown no respect for the governor who is the political leader of the state.

He also encouraged the governor to quickly institute the probe panel to investigate the immediate past administration for the purpose of retrieving some of their loot.

On the activities of the former RSHA members, he said they have lost their seats and should be ready to face re-election as they foolishly obeyed their master and decamp to the APC without thinking twice.

General Asabuja warned that the NBA and indeed, the masses will descend on any judge that will turn the matter upside down for pecuniary reason.

He lamented that the judiciary and those he described as unscrupulous politicians are the problem facing the country but liberation has come. On the rating of governor Fubara one year in office, he scored him 100 percent in all sectors as he came prepared to liberate the people

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