Wike In Tinubu’s Cabinet Will Be Major Boost, Says Marvin Yobana

Renowned political analyst and youths mobilize, Marvin Yobana has expressed his views on the potential inclusion of Governor Nyesom Wike in the cabinet of President Bola Tinubu.

Yobana, known for his astute observations on Nigerian politics, believes that Wike’s presence in Tinubu’s cabinet would provide a significant boost to the administration.

Speaking on Arise TV on Monday, Yobana said the highly influential former Governor of Rivers State, has been a prominent figure in Nigerian politics for several years, noting that with Wike’s track record of development and governance in his home state, his inclusion in Tinubu’s prospective cabinet could bring a fresh perspective to the table.

“First of all, it’s the constitution because what is spelt out is that every state must have a nominee, at least one.  So, definitely, that would be taken care of.

“In doing that nomination, we need people who can perform and not people getting nominated because of political patronage”, he said, expressing confidence with the ‘Renewed Hope’ mantra of the Tinubu regime in focus, square pegs would be put in square holes.

Yobana praised Wike’s strong leadership skills, innovative policies, and commitment to infrastructural development, stating that these qualities would be invaluable to the success of Tinubu’s administration.

According to Yobana, the potential collaboration between Tinubu and Wike has the potential to bridge regional divides and foster unity among Nigerians. The analyst believes that the combination of Tinubu’s strategic acumen and Wike’s pragmatic approach could result in a more efficient and inclusive governance model.

Yobana further emphasized that Wike’s expertise in infrastructure development would be of immense importance to Tinubu’s administration, particularly in the areas of transportation, power, and urban planning. He believes that Wike’s proven ability to attract investments and execute large-scale projects could propel Nigeria’s economic growth and create a more conducive environment for businesses and job creation.

“So definitely they should look beyond politicians.  There are those who are professionals, technocrats who could assist the government.  If they can do the job, why not?  Depending on whatever state they come from.

“If they see other things that are very key to the success of this administration, they should give it to someone who can perform.  That is why sometimes when we talk about the state I come from, a lot of names have been branded to get this and that .  I ask if they want to get these things as political right or what? And when you look at those persons who want to go for these things and their antecedents, you ask what has this man done in the past”, he said.

“Wike was not actually friendly with the Buhari administration.  He was hitting them but yet, that administration came to recognize him as the best Infrastructure Governor in Nigeria.  It means that if you do what you do and do it right, even the opposition will recognize you as a fact that you are working.

“So, definitely, a Wike in Tinubu’s administration is a big plus.  Why do I say that?  Everywhere you put him, he has performed.  When he was Minister for State for Education, we all saw what he did with UBEC across the country.

“As Governor of Rivers State, we saw what he did – every local government in Rivers State has something to show.  The argument I am making is that it should matter who makes Tinubu’s ministerial list”

While the potential alliance between Tinubu and Wike has garnered significant attention, it remains speculative at this point. Both politicians have yet to make any official announcements regarding their plans for the future.

As the political landscape continues to evolve, the prospect of Governor Wike joining Bola Tinubu’s cabinet is generating significant interest. If this alliance were to materialize, it would undoubtedly reshape the political landscape in Nigeria and potentially pave the way for a new era of governance marked by collaboration, innovation, and progress.

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