Appeal Court Affirms Banigo’s Victory Over Asita

The Court of Appeal in Abuja has upheld the victory of Senator Dr. (Mrs.) Harry Banigo of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) over Hon. Asita O. Asita, senatorial candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC) as winner of the Rivers West Senatorial Election held on February 25, 2023.

The case stemmed from the hotly contested 2023 Senatorial election in which Dr. Mrs. Harry Banigo emerged victorious, securing the mandate of the people to represent them in the upper legislative chamber.

However, her opponent, Hon. Asita O. Asita of the All Progressive Congress (APC), contested the results and took the matter to the Tribunal, challenging the legitimacy of Senator Banigo’s victory.

The Court of Appeal meticulously reviewed the evidence presented and the arguments put forth by both parties.

After a thorough examination, the court unanimously ruled that Asita’s appeal lacked merit and substance, affirming the initial decision of the Election Petition Tribunal that declared Senator Banigo the rightful winner of the election.

In delivering the judgment, the Tribunal emphasized that the appeal failed to provide substantial evidence to support the allegations of electoral malpractice and irregularities made by Hon. Asita O. Asita.

The court further underscored the importance of respecting the electoral process and the will of the people as expressed through their votes.

The ruling sets a precedent for fair and just legal proceedings, reaffirming the democratic principles on which the nation stands.

It also sends a powerful message that the courts will uphold the sanctity of the electoral process and protect the voice of the people.

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