Rivers: Community Dissolves Youth Exco For Alleged Disloyalty

Ogbele community in Ahoada East Local Government Area, Rivers State has dissolved its youth executive, led by Comrade Smart Eferebo.

The dissolution which place at the community meeting of August, was adopted in its October 16 meeting at the community town hall.

Giving the reasons of the youth body, the second eldest man, Elder Robinson Miller Oseja, said because of the behaviour of the Ogbele youth leader, the community does not want him to be the youth leader again.

Elder Oseja also alleged financial misappropriation of community money against the dethroned youth leader.

“As the second elder, I am affirming that we have removed this community youth leader, we don’t want him and his exco again.”

Also speaking, the Community Development Committee (CDC) Financial Secretary, Ikechukwu Amadi, stated that the dissolution of the youth exco is to move the community forward and to avert the breakdown of law and order.

According to him; “We, the community elected him as the youth president through the youth organ, but due to his alleged acts of recklessly made us to agree that he should step down as the youth leader, together with his exco, so that the community will be in peace.

“There are other things that he did that made the entire community push for his sack. As a son who needs development, instead of developing the father’s compound, he is looking for ways to destroy it. ‘Even as a father you will find a way to remove him from the compound.’

“What the youth president did has made the entire Ogbele community not to allow him to continue as the youth leader of the community. We, the Ogbele community, women, boys, girls and the elders, we have agreed that the youth president should step down; we don’t want him to continue. We put him there, and we agreed that he should no longer continue.”

Giving more insights on why the Comrade Smart Eferebo led Exco was dissolved, the CDC Chairman, Christian Oguzor stated that the former youth president overstepped his bounds by usurping the functions of all community organs and acting disrespectfully towards community leadership.

Oguzor alleged that at several fora, the former youth leader has threatened the lives of the CDC members and also, used the community letterhead to perpetuate acts unbecoming of him.

He warned that youths should always imbibe the virtues of humility and self respect where they find themselves in any position of leadership, acknowledged that full weight of the law shall descend on any recalcitrant youths that would want to ‘bring the hands of the clock backwards’.

He declared that the first two most senior age grades would be running the affairs of the youth council pending the composition of a nine man caretaker committee by the community.

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