Alabo Amachree Gives Kudos To Kalabari People Over Peaceful Conduct During Monarch’s Burial

The Regent of Kalabari Kingdom, Alabo Dr. Charles Numbere Princewill Amachree has commended the Kalabari people for their peaceful disposition during the burial of late King Prof. Theophilus. J . T. Princewill JP , Amachree Xi , the Amayanabo and the natural Ruler of Kalabari kingdom, noting the burial as a unifying factor.

The regent who took heed of the collective efforts of all in making the burial a huge success, thanked God for showering His love upon the Kalabari people through the various stages of preparation leading to the burial , as people from all walks of life gathered to pay a eulogy to the late King.

Alabo Amachree described the late King as a man of many parts, who lived a life of service and left legacies that are beyond his kingdom. “Our king was a man of many parts, he is peaceful, highly educated, accessible to people with a listening ear,” he said.

He reiterated that the late King distinguished himself and left behind an enviable legacy, which the entire Kalabari and the State can be rightly proud of.

Responding to rumours of Kalabari having a new King even before the burial of late King Prof. T.J.T Princewill, he said people misconstrued the Princes that are vying for the throne,” I don’t think that rumour originated from Kalabari land. People must have misconstrued the Princes that are vying for the stool because some of them are may be calling themselves ” I am the next king and in that process somebody may not take notice of the next he added there and see him as the King, which as led to hero worshipping,” he said.

He said the culture of Kalabari demands the burying and mourning their late king before anything else and that the mourning period must elapse before a new king should emerge. But the regent in his opinion suggested that immediately after the mourning period, the Abbi Royal House should meet so as to enable them select and install the new king due to the delay in the burial of the late King.

Alabo Amachree urged the Kalabari people to continue to embrace peace and unity especially the gigantic task of selecting the new king, adding that this time there would be proper documentations to avoid certain mistakes that were made in the past so as to avoid litigation.

His words: this time around we will make documentations to avoid certain mistakes that were made in the past. The whole of Kalabari nation would want to correct that mistake during the selection and installation process because in the past it is only the King Makers which is the Abbi Royal House that does that but I am of the opinion that we bring in observers such as the Amayanabo of Abonnema, key persons from Bakana and other parts of Kalabari kingdom including the security agencies in the spirit of free and fair selection in order to avoid future litigation. I believe in the culture of doing the right thing for our future generations to come.

He urged the Kalabari youths not to allow themselves to be used as an agents of disunity but to abide by the tenets of peace as it is the only gateway to development in society.

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