Birabi Welcomes Nwielaghi To ‘Adulthood’

Adulthood varies across cultures, with different societies ascribing different age thresholds.

While some consider individuals aged 18 and above as adults, others view adulthood as a status attained at 25 or even 16 years of age.

However, in a unique cultural perspective, Dr. Bennett Birabi, a prominent figure among the Ogoni people, asserts that adulthood for their community is achieved upon reaching the age of 60.

In an exclusive interview with National Network reporter on Thursday, Dr. Bennett Birabi extended his heartfelt congratulations and warm wishes to Dr. Mike Nwielaghi, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Hydrocarbon Pollution Remediation Project (HYPREP), as he marks his 60th birthday anniversary on Sunday, March 17, 2024.

In Birabi’s eyes, this milestone marks Nwielaghi’s official entry into the esteemed realm of the sexagenarian age.

Dr. Birabi expressed his felicitations, stating, “I have already conveyed my birthday wishes to him.

Moreover, I heartily welcome him to adulthood, as in our culture, turning 60 signifies the attainment of adult status.”

Speaking further about Dr. Nwielaghi, Senator Birabi emphasized that his evaluation is not based solely on their personal relationship but on the Chairman’s performance and dedication to his role.

Birabi remarked, “It is not about who he is to me, but rather how he fulfills his responsibilities. The key lies in how he fits into the job assigned to him.”

Birabi continued, “No one is perfect, but when someone can consult with others, seek advice, and consider public opinion, they tend to make fewer mistakes.

Even if they do make mistakes, they are often shared by many. In my view, his character and personality align with the demands of his position, which is why I believe he has achieved success.”

Reflecting on his impressions of Dr. Nwielaghi, Birabi portrayed him as a congenial and affable individual.

He remarked, “From everything I have observed, he is a jovial and amiable person.

Whenever you encounter him, he is always adorned with a beaming smile. Such a disposition indicates his inner contentment.

It is up to him to evaluate his own happiness, as this judgment lies within his purview, and not for others to assess.”

Dr. Mike Nwielaghi’s impending 60th birthday celebration not only signifies his personal milestone but also serves as a testament to his accomplishments within the realm of the Hydrocarbon Pollution Remediation Project.

As the Chairman of HYPREP’s Board of Trustees, he has navigated challenges and made significant contributions to the organization’s objectives.

Under Dr. Nwielaghi’s leadership, HYPREP has made substantial strides in addressing the environmental consequences of hydrocarbon pollution, striving to restore Ogoniland and improve the lives of the local communities.

His commitment to consulting stakeholders, seeking advice, and valuing public opinions has fostered an inclusive and collaborative approach to tackling these pressing issues.

The Ogoni community joins hands in celebrating Dr. Nwielaghi’s birthday and acknowledging his diligent efforts in fulfilling his duties.

As he embraces the threshold of adulthood according to their cultural norms, it is clear that his influence and impact will continue to resonate in the years ahead.

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