Group Applauds Governor Fubara’s Initiative To Revive Neglected Infrastructure

Governor Siminialayi Fubara’s commitment to breathe new life into several long-abandoned government-owned infrastructure projects in Rivers State has garnered praise from various quarters, with the Opobo Elder Statesmen4Sim being the latest to lend their support.

Chairman of the advocacy group, Alabo Edwin Cockeye-Brown who voiced his support during an interview with journalists in Port Harcourt on Tuesday, highlighted several key projects that have been the focus of Governor Fubara’s revitalization efforts.

Among these projects, he said, is the Rivers Transport Company (RTC), a crucial transportation outfit that has suffered from years of abandonment

Alabo Cockeye-Brown hailed the move for the RTC to be restored to full functionality, as it plays a vital role in facilitating the movement of goods and people within and outside the state.

Another project brought to attention by the Opobo Elder Statesmen4Sim is the Songhai Banana Farm, which was intended to be a flourishing agricultural enterprise but left deteriorated over time.

The group praised Governor Fubara’s commitment to rejuvenating this plantation, as it holds the potential to contribute significantly to the state’s agricultural sector and create employment opportunities for local residents.

Similarly, the Buguma Fish Farm, a government-owned facility that had been left unused for an extended period, was also acknowledged by the elder citizens

Alabo Cockeye-Brown emphasized the importance of revitalizing the fish farm, as it has the potential to enhance the state’s fish production capacity and boost the local economy.

Additionally, the group’s Chairman commended Governor Fubara for his efforts in re-allocating shops at the Mile One ultramodern Market.

He noted that the market, which was built and commissioned by the immediate past administration but left unallocated to traders, is a crucial trading hub for local entrepreneurs.

He also expressed optimism that the governor’s initiative would not only improve the market’s physical condition but also provide a conducive environment for businesses to thrive.

“These projects identified by our group hold immense potential for the socio-economic development of our state,” Alabo Cockeye-Brown stated while c commending Governor Fubara for his proactive approach in revamping these neglected infrastructural facilities.

The group expressed their willingness to collaborate with the government in any capacity necessary to facilitate the successful revitalization of the identified infrastructure.

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