Octogenarian Mother Of Slain Army Officer Seeks Gov Fubara’s Assistance

In a heart-wrenching plea, 80-year-old Madam Blessing Nsereka, mother of the late Corporal Nsereka Meelubari, a slain military officer, has cried out to Governor Siminalayi Fubara of Rivers State for support.

The grieving mother finds herself in dire straits following the tragic death of her son, who was the sole breadwinner of the family.

Corporal Nsereka Meelubari, a 27-year-old army corporal, was among four soldiers who lost their lives during an ambush by unidentified gunmen in Abua Odual Local Government Area last December.

The soldiers, who were on an escort duty, fell victim to the criminal attack while going to Abual-Odual from Bayelsa State. The assailants also abducted two expatriates before making their escape through a nearby river.

Speaking with heavy sorrow and anguish, Madam Blessing Nsereka expressed her deep grief over the loss of her beloved son. “My son died in active service to the nation.

He was taking care of my welfare when he was alive. Now that he is no more, I am suffering and starving with no one to help me. I am begging our governor to come to my aid. I am a poor widow. Our governor should not let me die,” she pleaded.

Adding to the family’s pain is the fact that Corporal Nsereka Meelubari played a significant role in supporting his relatives financially.

As the primary provider, his untimely demise has left the family in a precarious situation. His elder brother, Mr. Reuben Wiri, an unemployed graduate, is also mourning the loss of his younger sibling.

Recalling the final conversation he had with his late brother, Mr. Reuben Wiri shared the ominous premonition that shadowed Corporal Nsereka Meelubari’s last moments.

“My late younger brother was very dear to my heart. I spoke with him on the phone on that fateful day of his death.

He called at 6.00 am to tell me of a scary dream he had. He said he found himself crying in a Hilux vehicle while he and his colleagues were leaving for work.

Being a devout Christian, he told me that he was so afraid when he woke up and had to pray earnestly against any evil awaiting him in the course of his job,” Mr. Reuben lamented.

The grieving family’s plight is compounded by the lack of assistance from the military authorities. With no means of sustenance, Madam Blessing Nsereka’s health has rapidly deteriorated, leaving her frail and sickly.

Known for his commitment to the welfare of the people of Rivers State, Governor Sim Fubara has been implored to extend a helping hand to the bereaved family.

The octogenarian mother’s appeal to the governor comes as a desperate cry for assistance, hoping that the state government can alleviate their suffering during this trying time.

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