Aba Soon To Become Singapore Of Nigeria – Barr. Weli

Impressed by what Governor Alex Otti is doing in Abia State, particularly in Aba, the commercial city, Chief Barr. Michael Weli, a prominent Rumuodara leader says Aba would soon become the Singapore of Nigeria.

For those who may not know, Singapore, a small remote country in the Continent of Asia rose from the degrading ashes of poverty to become one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

Weli who made his assessment after his tour of Aba, said Governor Alex Otti was doing a wonderful job in Abia State, expressing joy at the number of roads he had constructed and rehabilitated in Aba, the commercial city of the State.

He was particularly impressed by the rehabilitation of Port Harcourt Road which successive Governors had allowed to damage beyond repairs.

“Now, Governor Otti has reconstructed the abandoned Port Harcourt Road, making it to look like a street in London,” Weli said.

He told National Network that he drove through Aba and saw that many bad roads in the city had been rehabilitated, making it easy for vehicles to move freely.

The community leader showered encomiums on the Governor for the new face of Ariaria Market which is still under reconstruction, saying he was impressed by the new format of development taking place in the market.

“From the new designed plan and from what I have seen so far, Ariaria International Market may become the second largest market in Africa after the Onitsha Main Market built by Late Dr. NnamdiAzikiwe,” he said.

Commenting on the new gigantic Independent Power Project that now supplies electricity to Aba and its environs, Barr.Weli said the power project would launch Aba as the technological hub of Nigeria.

He predicted that the Power project will soon begin to supply light to Rivers State.

What gave the Rumuodara Chief more joy was the clearing of the heaps of debris/rubbish in Aba, saying it has given the commercial city a new look.

Recall that Aba used to be synonymous with heaps of rubbish which oozed offending odours and make people crinkle their nose each time they come across them.

“I can’t tell you how happy I am that Aba is now clean, and may overtake other commercial cities in Nigeria in terms of cleanness,” he said.

He urged other governors across the country to emulate Dr. Otti’s development agenda if they wished Nigeria to make progress, while praying God to help Otti survive, in what he described as sharks infested country.

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