Rivers Political Crisis: I’m Ready To Die Defending Democracy In Rivers – Edison Ehie

The Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly loyal to Governor Siminalayi Fubara, Rt. Hon. Edison Ehie, has declared that the unfortunate invasion of his private residence by suspected assassins on the night of Sunday, November 19, 2023, would not deter his resolve to stand and defend the truth in the state at all times.

Speaking to reporters in Port Harcourt on Monday, Rt. Hon. Ehie remained resolute, declaring his unwavering commitment to defending democracy, even in the face of potential danger, including death.

Detailing the harrowing incident, Rt. Hon. Ehie recounted the alarming intrusion by armed individuals, some clad in civilian attire and others in police uniforms.

The lawmaker, who represents Ahoada East Constituency 2 in the House of Assembly, said the suspected assailants sought unauthorized access to his premises, initiating gunfire. He emphasized his steadfastness in standing for what he believes is right for the state, even in the midst of threats to his safety.

“I know that we all must die some day. I’m not afraid of death. If it’s sacrificing my life that will give victory to Rivers State, then I am ready to do that. Nobody can stop the will of the people.

Since after that day, because I stood behind the governor to say that evil cannot reign over good in Rivers State, I have come under attacks, threats especially after my election as Speaker of the 10th Rivers State House of Assembly”, he said.

Rt. Hon. Ehie pointed fingers at influential figures, alleging their involvement due to his support for Governor Siminalayi Fubara and opposition to an alleged impeachment plot.

The lawmaker expressed deep concern over the distress caused to his entire household, including his wife and two children, due to the traumatic event.

“There’s something about me which their sponsors didn’t tell them. Everybody who knows me knows that I’m dead to fear. I believe you can only kill the flesh. You can’t kill the spirit.

“I stand with the governor of Rivers State, Sir Siminialayi Fubara, voted in by Rivers people and representing the welfare of Rivers people. Nothing, no threat, no intimidation, no allegation now or in the future will stop or deter my position”, he said.

Ehie went on: “This is how desperate people can be to intimidate us. But the million dollar question is: If I’m asked to support the governor again, I will say Yes 100 percent because evil can never reign over justice”.

Revealing the intensity of the invasion, Ehie shed light on the chaos caused by the armed individuals and their attempt to forcibly enter his residence, which was fortunately thwarted by his security personnel.

Despite the alarming situation, he commended the resilience of his security team in repelling the attackers while attributing the assault to the ongoing political turbulence in the state.

Ehie expressed astonishment at the attempt to associate him with the unfortunate murder of the late SP Bako Angbanshin, the Divisional Police Officer of Ahoada.

“But they are laboring in vain and I ask them, how come suddenly you want to pin a lot of allegations against some of us.

This has happened months ago, police have investigated and even charged the arrested culprits to court. That means that investigations have been concluded.

“That’s why police has been able to go to court, and those charged to court have been remanded in prison.  All these are connected to my support for the governor”, Ehie said.

The Speaker’s unwavering determination to uphold democratic principles amidst adversity echoes a resounding commitment to the welfare and stability of Rivers State.

“I’ve gotten information that they are trying to plant arms and ammunition at my house in the village. I also got information they are paying somebody millions of Naira so that he can accuse me of crimes”, he said, and expressed confidence that with God on his said, the efforts of his traducers would amount to nothing.

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