Valentine’s Day Party: Senior Citizens Relive Their Youth Through Rex Lawson Songs

...Thank O. B. Lulu-Briggs Foundation for A Good Time

In a heartwarming celebration of love and nostalgia, senior citizens gathered at the Biokpo Recreational Centre, Abonnema, in Akuku Toru Local Government Area, on Wednesday, February 14, 2024, for a Valentine’s Day party.

The joyous older adults, many in their eighties, reminisced about their youthful days through the timeless melodies of Nigerian music legend Rex Jim Lawson.

The event, organized by the O. B. Lulu-Briggs Foundation under its Care for Life program, brought joy and fond memories to the seniors.

With smiles and twinkles in their eyes, the elders displayed their swag as they danced and sang along to hits like “Sawale” and “So Ala Temen.”

Some senior citizens who spoke to National Network were grateful to the O. B. Lulu-Briggs Foundation Chairman, Dr. Mrs Seinye Lulu-Briggs, for her continuous show of love and kindness towards them.

For them, Rex Lawson’s songs served as a soundtrack to their youth, evoking cherished memories of love, romance, and simpler times.

Elder Tonye Gbobo Briggs, 78, expressed his gratitude, saying, “This event has brought back so many beautiful memories. Rex Lawson’s music was the heartbeat of my generation, and it’s lovely to relive those moments today”.

For Dokubo Lawson Jack, “It was such a joy dancing to Rex Lawson’s music again. I felt like I was back in my youth.”

“I haven’t felt this happy in a long time. The food, the music, and the company made me feel so young again”, Mrs Fubara Sunday Bob-Manuel declared.

“It’s wonderful of Dr. Mrs Seinye Lulu-Briggs to put on such a wonderful event for us. I appreciate the love and care”, said Ma Basuene Walters in the Kalabari language.

“My heart is so full. It’s like all the years melted away when I heard Rex Jim Lawson’s songs”, intoned Robert Bestman.

It was an atmosphere of smiles and laughter for the Foundation’s staff, volunteers and senior citizens, all smartly dressed in oxblood t-shirts and matching black trousers.The Foundation’s kind gesture brought joy to the older adults, many of whom felt deeply touched by the outpouring of love and compassion.

In addition to entertaining the elders with sumptuous refreshments, the event featured various traditional games, including ludo and akoi seeding.

Many of the elders participated in the games with great enthusiasm, laughing and cheering each other on. One of them, Madam Oboma Jacks, shared that playing ludo at the Valentine’s party brought back memories of playing the game with her children when they were young.

Speaking to National Network, the King of Fouchee Community in Degema Local Government Area, His Highness Adolphus Crawford Black Iwerima, who is also a member of the Chapel of God International Worship Centre, Port Harcourt, prayed that God rewards Dr Seinye Lulu-Briggs with bountiful love for showing love to humanity.

“It’s pleasing to us that while our youths are celebrating Valentine’s Day today, someone thought it wise to also celebrate the aged amongst us”, said the King.

The highlight of the event was the distribution of gift packages, carefully curated to cater to the needs and preferences of the senior citizens. Each package contained essential items, including toiletries, towels and blankets.

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