Chief Ebom Nworlu Crowned Paramount Ruler Of Omueke

An amiable gentleman, Chief John Ebom N. Nworlu has been crowned paramount ruler/Nyechi Ali Omueke-Igwuruta clan in Ikwerre Local Government Area.

He was installed on Saturday November 25, 2023 by the Nyewe Ali Igwuruta, His Royal Highness, Eze Samuel Nnadi Wekeh and his Council of Chiefs.

According to a welcome address read by Grace Ebom Nduziri John at the reception/celebration ground, following historical antecedents, the Late father of John Ebom, Chief Emmanuel Ebom Worlu who reigned in Omueke from 1970 to 2014 handed over the mantle of kingship to his son John before his death.

The handover it was learnt, was done on 20th of June, 2010 at the presence of Elders and Chiefs of Omueke.

Eze John Ebom Nworlu confirmed this in an interview with newsmen when he stated:”Although, traditionally, I had been installed since 20th June, 2010 by my Late Father.

When he was alive, he summoned all the elders and chiefs of Omueke and appointed me to man the throne, and that’s the tradition, before the occupant will die, he must appoint another person on the throne. If I will die today, God forbid, I will equally appoint another person to take charge.”

Eze Nworlu listed qualities a person to be installed to that exalted position should possess to include, being of good behavior, being of good conduct, being responsible, being outspoken, and above all, being economically viable, stressing that if you were economically viable, you would be able to assist your people when they come to you for assistance.

All these qualities according to His Highness was what the Nyeweali Igwuruta Eze Samuel Nnadi Wekeh saw in him before he cemented what his Late father Chief Emmanuel Nworlu did years back by crowning him Paramount ruler of Omueke on Saturday, November 25, 2023.

Eze John Ebom Nworlu promised to use his position as paramount ruler to maintain peace and lead his subjects with the fear of God.

His wife Lolo Blessing said she would assist her husband to carry out his duties to his subjects unhindered.

Speaking to Journalists at the event, Hon. Felix Worlu, the President-General of Iwhuruohna Youth Assembly, who is also the Secretary, Rivers State Ethnic Youth Leaders Council, said his cousin, Eze John Ebom Nworlu, deserved the honour done him by the Nyeweali Igwuruta and his Council of Chiefs, stressing that by what he had achieved so far as occupant of the throne for years his late father bequetted it to him he would serve Omueke people diligently.

“His reign will benefit the people greatly, and I am happy to be associated with him as my cousin,” he said.

A major highlight of the celebration was superlative displays by various traditional drummers and dancers.

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